Why compromise when you can customise?


The IS series from Lexus is their attempt to woo some of the BMW 3-series or Audi A4 brigade. As usual from Lexus, you get a whole pile of extras without paying extra, but in this campaign we were offering a choice of complimentary alloys and metallic paints (or a factory fit Sat Nav).

The DM piece featured a glossy, innovative spinny swatch thing (TM) showing the range of colours on the front (unfortunately, Lexus being Lexus, you could only choose between the grey, the off-grey, the dark white, the light black and the sliver grey).




The online ads added levels of interactivity to make the alloys and the paint stand out even more - and the interactive banner allowed you to download your perfect spec and book a test-drive all in banner.







I'll get a moving image of that here soon. Honest.