Four packs for the price of one

We've thought of everything and everyone

While this is quite an old piece, it's a nice piece.

When Citroen launched their people carrier, the C8 (a bit like a transit van until you started speccing it up) we wanted to make sure it appealed to everyone in the family - so we sent one large envelope which included four packs inside. Each pack had a different style of art direction and copy tone, and ludicrous attention to detail. And all that was the reason why it won some awards.

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To the man of the house

Wilfully manly and Top Gear-esque, this pack was full of metal and figures and executive bits and bobs.




To the lady of the house

Our research discovered that young mums wanted practicality and safety. We also wanted to empower them by saying they could just get on with life and chuck all the rubbish (the children?) in the back.







To the children of the house

This piece told a story about a journey into space (cos there's lots of space inside - geddit?) And we put a sheet of stickers in. Because kids love stickers.





To the dog of the house

A mailing for the dog, written in dog with the odd bit of human thrown in for good measure.