Take a 20 second test drive

Are you converted? 

The Lexus IS250c is a convertible. And in the current financial climate (and the British rainy climate) you'd be nuts to buy one. Except you wouldn't.

We created a campaign that basically gave people the reasons to not feel guilty about buying one. It was a big success with consumers, trade and within the DM business - featuring in the Campaign Annual 2009 Top Ten pieces of DM. You can have a look here.

The online work benefited from having a film clip of the almost balletic action of the roof opening and closing. Hum the Blue Danube to yourself as it goes and you'll see what I mean.


The DM was a bit trickier. Yes, we could have used a traditional flick-book, but that wouldn't be very Lexus. So we used a new mechanic to allow us to demonstrate the roof and other salient points. It's very play-with-able, and makes me smile every time I use it.



Here's a bit of trade press coverage:


And here's a bit of feedback from a Lexus driver (and no, it wasn't Alan Partridge):

"I think you will agree with me that it is one of the cleverest bits of marketing I have seen and certainly the best from a motor manufacturer. The way it works is that when you pull a tab on the side it flips pages over to show the convertible roof changing on the IS, ingenious. It is also very informative and if I could justify having TWO Lexuses/Lexi I would be very interested in it."